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Welcome to PartnerNetwork™ News and Announcements. This page is dedicated to keeping Rockwell Automation partners informed with quarterly updates.

Rockwell Automation Reports 1st Quarter 2023 Results

The following information was recently announced in the Rockwell Automation Q1 FY23 results press release:   

  • Reported sales up 6.7% year over year; organic sales up 9.9% year over year 

  • Currency reduced sales (4.0)% 

  • Acquisitions contributed 0.8% 

  • Organic ARR up 14% 

  • Diluted EPS of $3.31 and adjusted EPS of $2.46; up 61% and 15% year over year, respectively 

  • Updates fiscal 2023 reported sales growth guidance to 10.0% - 14.0%; organic sales growth to 11.0% - 15.0% 

  • Updates fiscal 2023 diluted EPS guidance to $10.99 - $11.79; Adjusted EPS guidance to $10.70 - $11.50 

Click Here for Full Press Release  

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Green Bay Packaging Builds Plant of the Future with help ...

With their new, state-of-the-art facility, Green Bay Packaging is using digital technology to increase production, improve system uptime, and meet sustainability goals. Learn more here. 

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In the News!

AdvisorAnalyst: U.S. market outlook for 2023 

Capital Group economists look ahead to bright spots for investors in 2023. Read how Rockwell Automation is preparing for a potential industrial renaissance with the anticipated billions of dollars spent of industrial capital expenditures. 

World Economic Forum: The “No-Excuse” Framework to Accelerate the Path to Net-Zero Manufacturing and Value Chains 

The World Economic Forum (WEF) published this white paper on the Industry Net Zero Accelerator initiative, which aims to raise awareness of the necessity for companies to seek “systemic collaboration across and between value chains” on their path towards achieving net-zero emissions. Rockwell Automation is collaborating with WEF and other like-minded organizations on the initiative. CEO Blake Moret is noted as one of five authors (p. 3). Also noted on p. 38: Rockwell’s Scheile Preston, a WEF Project Fellow and part of the initiative team, and Tom O’Reilly, VP, Sustainability, as a report contributor. Download the full white paper

Forbes* (Brazil): The importance of promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in industry 

From Automation Fair 2022, in this sponsored content Rockwell Automation’s Veena Lakkundi, SVP, Strategy & Corporate Development, shared the company’s vision of the need for young talent to remain at the heart of the industry market's advancement. 

CIO: The 7 new rules of IT leadership 

Rockwell’s Chris Nardecchia, SVP, Chief Information & Digital Officer, joins other leaders in discussing the rapidly evolving technology landscape and, as a result, the way IT chiefs should lead their organizations. The article lists the old rules of IT leadership that are no longer relevant and what has replaced them. 

VentureBeat: Contextualizing OT data to enhance factory operations and drive digital transformation 

Rockwell’s Claudia Chandra, chief product officer, Industrial Data & AI Platform, Edge, and Analytics, contributed this article on how adding context to the data collected on the factory floor, OT teams can obtain a better understanding of the insights the data holds and how it affects the equipment and processes. 

See the Rockwell Automation Newsroom for more stories like this! 

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Welcome JUSTEK Linear Motion Technology to the Technology...

We are pleased to welcome JUSTEK INC to the Technology Partner program as a Gold Technology Partner.  

JUSTEK INC specializes in the production of Linear / DD Motor and motion stage systems. Their Enhanced Motion Control brings significant opportunity for Rockwell Automation to leverage this strength and to bring highly innovative solutions to other industries.  

JUSTEK share our commitment to customer focus and delivering the best possible solution. They have a proven track record of success, and we are confident that this partnership will allow us to better serve our semiconductor customers. 

For more information on JUSTEK, please visit their partner locator page

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Do you have a Case Study or Customer Success Story that y...

Have you worked on any exciting customer projects lately? Contact your partner manager or account manager to discuss if it can be turned into a Rockwell Automation Customer Success Story or Case Study.

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KTP Tube - Knowledge Transfer for Partners

Are you an Information Solutions system integrator partner that is looking for additional knowledge on how to deploy and work with solutions like IOT, Edge Analytics, Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform™ and Fiix®? If so, we have good news for you, our Partner Technical Enablement Team has created an initiative called “Knowledge Transfer for Partners Tube” or in short “KTP Tube”,

KTP Tube is a series of short videos with technical content about our solutions that will add extra value to our IS Partners looking for a continuous enablement journey with us – always learning and always with content that is up to date and easy to consume.

Please go to KTP page in Seismic, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will find the KTP Tube area

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Partner Technical Enablement Consultant Team for Informat...

Are you a Rockwell Automation System Integrator partner and considering the Information Solutions capability?  

The new Partner Technical Enablement Consultants team (PTEC) focuses on helping partners become fluent in our Information Solutions portfolio. Our PTEC team is revolutionizing enablement by moving from the traditional approach of one-time training to a continuous enablement practice. 

 From mentoring initiatives to First Project Support, the team delivers value to our partners by helping them understand more about our solutions through discussion on use cases, value proposition, technical architectures, how to deploy, how to implement and always looking to deliver the best content to help our partners to become more autonomous and reduce the time to value – and all of these initiatives to differentiate the value of our partnership with you - #BETTERTOGETHER.  

 Learn more about the PTEC team by watching this video 

 For more information about the Partner Technical Enablement Consultants team, contact your Rockwell Automation System Integrator Account Manager. 

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Exclusive Vuforia® Offer for OEM Partners

We are excited to announce the launch of a new bundled offering of Vuforia Work Instructions to our OEM Partner Community! This new offering pairs Vuforia Expert Capture and Vuforia Instruct into one low-cost developer bundle for OEMs. The Vuforia Work Instructions Bundle provides OEM Partners the tools to build Augmented Reality experiences that can improve workforce productivity, efficiency, and safety for their End Customers.  

Paired with our new Asset-based license model, OEM Partners now have a simple and scalable path to build their own annual recurring revenue model as each machine is delivered to their customers. With Augmented Reality, work instructions become handsfree and are delivered in real time where assembly or field service take place. Knowledge from experienced workers is easily captured and shared with new workers and service technicians. Remote expertise can be delivered to workers no matter where they are in the world. Training manuals and videos become a thing of the past.  

To learn more about this new and exciting offering for our OEM Community, please talk with your local Rockwell Automation Account Manager or Authorized Distributor.   

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6 Ways to Reduce Employee Burnout

From The Great Resignation to quiet quitting, work-life balance is more important than ever for employees. Read a recent blog from Rockwell Automation’s Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Programs Director, Candace Barnes on how focusing on inclusion can help reduce burnout.  

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Kick-start your social media strategy with Rockwell Autom...

As our Rockwell Automation social media presence continues to grow, we want to bring our PartnerNetwork with us! Watch this quick training from Rockwell's Global Social Media Strategist, Katrina Parr, to learn about 5 simple social media tactics you can put to practice today. Learn more here.

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Announcing the New and Improved Partner Locator!

As a result of customer feedback and user research, a new optimized and consolidated Partner Locator experience has launched on  

Improvements include:  

-New UI for partner listing and detail pages 
-Increased visibility to Value-Add, Specialty Distributors and Silver Level OEM Partners 
-Improvements to the search, filtering and location detection functionality within the locator 
-Additional tracking and analytic capabilities to better understand the leads that are being driven to our partners from the locator 

Go to the Partner Locator   

When you visit the Portal, please confirm that your company information is up to date. You can review this information by logging into the Partner Portal and go to “Manage Resources”.  

It is important to keep primary, secondary and executive contact information up to date as we send important communications throughout the year.  

This information also appears on the Rockwell Automation Locator under your company’s listing, depending on your partner level benefits. You can maximize the potential of your listing by keeping this overview current and aligned with your business.   
Log in to the Partner Portal to review your information  

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