Recently Published Partner Case Studies

Meati Foods Grows Sustainability with Innovation - Mushroom-root protein producer collaborates with Gold System Integrator Cybertrol Engineering to put efficient commercial production on the fast track 

Digital Twin Technology Improves Maintenance - Bronze System Integrator IDE Americas uses digital twin technology to help desalination plants improve maintenance of their filtering membranes 

Aggregated, Contextualized Data Reduces Downtime – Bronze System Integrator ITHENA helps a marine company integrate engine operation, logistics, maintenance, and weather data to reduce downtime and increase route efficiency. 

Can Your OEM Help You Set KPIs? – Gold OEM Partner JC Ford is using the ThingWorx IIoT Platform to help customers better understand their operations and see how they compare to industry standards. 

Have you worked on any exciting customer projects lately? Contact your partner manager or account manager to discuss if it can be turned into a Rockwell Automation Customer Success Story or Case Study.