Rockwell Automation Demos at Accenture Innovation Centers

The Global Systems Integrator (GSI) Alliance team, led by Muhammad Sarwar and includes Austen McDonach (Europe) and Vineet Shastri (North & Latin America) having been working to roll out the new Accenture/Rockwell Automation co-branded Plex Digital Interactive demo to Accenture’s Innovation Centers. The Plex demo was built by Rockwell Automation with the help of Accenture’s Strategic experiences team.  

Rockwell Automation is also in discussion with Accenture about other relevant demos and aim to include PharmaSuite® and Emulate3D™ at certain locations too. Each center in the Accenture Industry X Innovation Network combines startup thinking with rapid prototyping, delivery and ramp-up capabilities to make great ideas a reality—at speed and at scale. Whether the goal is transforming operations, reinventing products, improving customer and worker experiences, or realizing new business models, IX Innovation Centers are the ideal place to explore new business opportunities—and make them real.  
Rockwell Automation has been working closely with Accenture over the past few years, focusing on many of our largest accounts, to leverage their Executive access, scale and global reach, while we continue to impress them with our additional capabilities through organic growth, acquisitions, eco-system and partnerships. Linking those objectives was the driver behind a closer collaboration and now utilizing the network of centers.  

The objective of rolling out these demos is to: 

  • Highlight the new Plex (and other) demos for visiting Accenture customers, supported by Rockwell Automation sales teams.   

  • Take Rockwell Automation customers to those locations on either an individual basis or as a group event, to highlight the demos as part of a specific session or wider digital transformation discussion.  

Accenture made a significant investment in Plex training, including many experts who have completed Plex Implementor Bootcamps. They also have experts with deep skills in PharmaSuite® and the whole PTC stack!   

Please contact us if you know of Accenture’s involvement at a prospect or existing customer. We will all benefit from the joint strength of this Accenture/Rockwell Automation partnership.   

Learn more about the Accenture-Rockwell Automation Strategic Alliance Here