Special Announcement: E-signatures for System Integrator & OEM Program Participation Agreements


As commercial program participants, Rockwell Automation requires our System Integrator and OEM partners to sign a Program Participation Agreement each year. This agreement highlights both the expectation of the partner, as well as Rockwell Automation. Historically, the process has been manual and time-consuming for both our partners and Rockwell Automation. Effective immediately, we have automated this process to simplify it for all of us. Starting today, any new partner that is accepted into either the System Integrator or OEM programs will automatically receive an email directing them to a link where they can click a button to sign their Participation Agreement. This signed document will automatically be saved in the partner’s documents folder for immediate access in the future. In addition, it will be available to any authorized Rockwell Automation employee.

For those of you who are already a partner in our programs, there is no action for you to take provided your designated "Executive Contact" record in PRM is up to date and accurate. On or around October 1, 2022, every System Integrator & OEM currently active in our programs will receive an automated email notification instructing you where to go to sign your participation agreement. The agreement can be printed or saved for review. Once signed, the document will be stored in your documents folder for review in the future. The email notification will go to the person you have designated as your “Executive Contact” so please be sure to review your contacts in PRM to make sure they are correct.

Remember, our commercial programs require 3 designated roles to be registered in PRM. It is acceptable to have the same individual for all 3 roles if you prefer. The required roles are Executive Contact, Main Contact, and Secondary Contact. If you need help confirming the individuals, you have designated for each role please reach out to your Rockwell Automation salesperson or your Authorized Distributor.

Thank you for your support,
Commercial Program Administration Team
Monday, August 22, 2022