Welcome New Partners

Please welcome Cyturus Technologies, ARIA Cybersecurity, and appFORGOOD to the PartnerNetwork™ as new Technology Partners! Our best-in-class partner ecosystem is vast and diverse, continuing to supply innovative customer solutions.  

Cyturus Technologies started as a cyber risk consulting firm. We architected solutions for our Fortune 5000 clients that were simple, elegant and are still in use today. Over five years ago we realized the Compliance and Cyber Risk management industry could do better than static reports, spreadsheets and complicated solutions. We leveraged our years of experience in technology and cyber risk management and created ARM, the C2MA process and CRT to automate and simplify both the maturation process and the assessment metrics. Our passion is cyber risk quantification and our promise is to help simplify cyber risk and compliance management. 

Aria Cybersecurity Solutions realizes that you have many options when it comes to cybersecurity, and that most of them promise the same thing: complete network and data security. However, the majority of today’s vendors simply don’t have the same experience, backing, or innovative new security approaches that ARIA Cybersecurity Solutions can offer. 

appFORGOOD is a seasoned leader in digital transformation projects, specializing in the integration of wearable and mobile devices. With over a decade of expertise, our company helps clients to design and implement an end-to-end solutions that yield tangible benefits. Our mission is to enhance process efficiency, improve outcomes for employees and operators, and pioneer innovative use cases. 

QBuild provides superior service to customers and have assisted them in implementing their CAD ERP Link. Our many years of experience and commitment to excellence have earned us the reputation as the best CAD ERP integrator in North America.