New Success Planning Tool for Co-Managed Objectives in Partner Portal for System Integrators and OEM partners

One of the unique aspects of our program is the local business relationships that we establish with our partners through sales planning. Expectations for participating in success planning vary from bi-annually to monthly, depending on your program tier.   

 During this process, we work with you to establish the following:  

  • Evaluate the relationship and identify areas of improvement through co-managed objectives.  

  • Establish business objectives for the coming year.  

  • Determine growth opportunities through target account / project opportunity planning.  

  • Evaluate and develop competency plans to enhance your technical expertise where required.  

 We use this information to develop your success plan and establish our goals in Partner Portal Success Planning. Success Planning allows you to:   

  1. Collaborate with our partners.  

  1. Assign Executive Sponsor, Main Contact, and Secondary contact participating in Success Plan.   

  1. Create Parent Co-Managed objectives categories, co-managed objectives, assign objective capability, owner from current contacts, and due date.  

  1. Populate success plan with new objectives, update status and track progress, change description and take notes as you review them.   

  1. Download Success Plan in PDF format for emailing if needed.  

The Success Plan is completed in accordance with all anticompetition laws. It should not be interpreted as an agreement, not to compete contract or divide the market.