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AdvisorAnalyst: U.S. market outlook for 2023 

Capital Group economists look ahead to bright spots for investors in 2023. Read how Rockwell Automation is preparing for a potential industrial renaissance with the anticipated billions of dollars spent of industrial capital expenditures. 

World Economic Forum: The “No-Excuse” Framework to Accelerate the Path to Net-Zero Manufacturing and Value Chains 

The World Economic Forum (WEF) published this white paper on the Industry Net Zero Accelerator initiative, which aims to raise awareness of the necessity for companies to seek “systemic collaboration across and between value chains” on their path towards achieving net-zero emissions. Rockwell Automation is collaborating with WEF and other like-minded organizations on the initiative. CEO Blake Moret is noted as one of five authors (p. 3). Also noted on p. 38: Rockwell’s Scheile Preston, a WEF Project Fellow and part of the initiative team, and Tom O’Reilly, VP, Sustainability, as a report contributor. Download the full white paper

Forbes* (Brazil): The importance of promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in industry 

From Automation Fair 2022, in this sponsored content Rockwell Automation’s Veena Lakkundi, SVP, Strategy & Corporate Development, shared the company’s vision of the need for young talent to remain at the heart of the industry market's advancement. 

CIO: The 7 new rules of IT leadership 

Rockwell’s Chris Nardecchia, SVP, Chief Information & Digital Officer, joins other leaders in discussing the rapidly evolving technology landscape and, as a result, the way IT chiefs should lead their organizations. The article lists the old rules of IT leadership that are no longer relevant and what has replaced them. 

VentureBeat: Contextualizing OT data to enhance factory operations and drive digital transformation 

Rockwell’s Claudia Chandra, chief product officer, Industrial Data & AI Platform, Edge, and Analytics, contributed this article on how adding context to the data collected on the factory floor, OT teams can obtain a better understanding of the insights the data holds and how it affects the equipment and processes. 

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