NEW! FactoryTalk® Optix™ Portfolio Webinar Series

Rockwell Automation is hosting a three-part webinar series on the FactoryTalk® Optix™ portfolio that will provide an overview of how this end-to-end HMI solution can revitalize HMI operations across the equipment lifecycle.   

We invite you to extend the invitation to your customers to join these webinars. This new toolkit contains various marketing assets to help you express the value of the FactoryTalk® Optix™ Portfolio and promote webinar registrations to your customers. We have created three suggested email invitations; two social posts and newsletter copy that you can use as-is or customize.  

Have your partners take advantage of the new co-marketing kit: 

Co-marketing kit HERE 

The webinars will be held in English at 10 a.m. CT, optimized for SIs, OEMs and End Users in North America. 

Revitalize Your HMI Operations webinar series registration page here 

  • Part One: Design & Collaborate Webinar on February 7, 2024 - 10 a.m. CT 

  • Part Two: Deploy Applications at Scale on May 8, 2024 – 10 a.m. CT 

  • Part Three: Operators Empowered on August 14, 2024 - 10 a.m. CT 

You and your partners can sign Up HERE for the Revitalize Your HMI Operations Webinar Series 

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